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Manon Von Gerkan Outpost

Controlled by the Company  

Objective Training and deployment of Manon Von Gerkan Clone Army

Commanded  by Arch Runway Commander Manon Von Gerkan

Spheres of Influence:   Germany, Russia, South East Asia, Area 69

Code Name  Gerkan Strike Force

Click on a photo for a full data profile      Reports are listed by strike team

     Team 1 Status: Currently researching cloning in conjuntion with Supermodel Nadja Auermann.

  Team 2 Status: Infiltration and capture of Ford Modeling Agency complete. This should serve as an excellent front for recruiting new members into the Company.          

  Team 3 Status: Researching disappearance of Supermodel Mafia member Trish Goff. Apparently she was researching Time Travel. She claimed to have created a machine called the Chrono-Jumper.This machine was said to have the ability to time travel into the Future.

         Team 4 Status: United States Senator Ted Kennedy has been *convinced* to aide us in our missions. It appears that the U.S army has created a covert military unit made up of Supermodels. Its mission is to monitor the Global Supermodel situation. Company infiltration has already begun.


           Team 5 Status: Attacking Supermodel Mafia safe house in western Italy. These safe house are the center of all Supermodel Mafia activity in the Mediterranean. Once these are controlled the Company will have almost total domination of Southern Europe.

            Team 6 Status: Assassination of designer Gianni Versace was a total success . Versace was a Supermodel Mafia supporter. Apparently he was very close to Supermodel Mafia Godmother Amber Valletta. We placed the blame on a rogue gay serial killer then murdered him and made his death look like a suicide.

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