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United States Army Classified Report   Section 17 Alpha Zeta 23     

From Commander of Supermodel Task force Karen Mulder       

 Commander Mulder: Notice: The following Supermodels are classified as either missing in action "M.I.A" or killed in action "K.I.A". In all cases though clones exist of the particular model. However the original is dead or unaccounted for. Intelligence reports follow.

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Subject  Shalom Harlow Affiliation  Supermodel Mafia Status K.I.A

   Shalom Harlow was one of the founding members of the Supermodel Mafia. She and "Supermodel Blood Sister" Amber Valetta lead the exodus from the company. She was killed in action while attempting to raid a Company weapons installation in southern France. As of today four clones of her exist all in the possession of the Supermodel Mafia.   

Subject  Chandra North     Affiliation  Company      Status     M.I.A 

  Chandra North was one of the Companies top level assassins. Known hits include Carl Sagan, Tiny Tim and Krissy Taylor. A ruthless killer she was last seen in Upstate New York in an area called Montaut Point. Local residents say that an barrage of flashing light could be seen on the night of her disappearance. Alien involvement possible (no confirmation).

Subject Sybil Buck  Affiliation  Supermodel Mafia      Status  M.I.A

 Sybil Buck was an elite member of the Supermodel Mafia. Her free will and sprit were the moral backbone of the Supermodel Mafia. She has a black belt in Kung-Fu and was also instrumental in the planning of Supermodel Mafia attacks. She was lost in a surprise strike made by the Company against one of their secret bases. After the raid she has not been seen or head from. Rumors say she was captured and brainwashed by the Company.

Subject Milla Jovovich           Affiliation  Company           Status K.I.A

    Milla Jovovich was a valued member of the Companies cloak and dagger spy unit. She used her beauty to gain information from industrial or military contacts. Her final and most daring mission was infiltration of the Supermodel Mafia. Her cold heart however was soon discovered by them and she was put to death. Reports are sketchy but it is said that she was forced to live without hair conditioner for several weeks as a torture. This drove her mad and supposedly caused her to take her own life.

Subject Trish Goff      Affiliation  Supermodel Mafia      Status  M.I.A

    Trish Goff was one of the youngest members of the Supermodel Mafia. It is reported that she was extremely close to "Supermodel Blood Sisters" Amber Valetta and Shalom Harlow. She was a technical genus who apparently handled Supermodel Mafia communications as well as their courier networks. It was said that she had "A sight beyond sight" with regard to technical operations. Recent intelligence said that she began work on a machine called the "Chrono-Jumper" this device supposedly was designed for the purpose of time travel into the future. The state of her experiment and her whereabouts are unknown after a massive explosion occurred in a Supermodel Mafia research and development lab

 Subject  Guinevere Von Seenus Affiliation  Company Status K.I.A

   Guinevere Von Seenus was a front line storm trooper for the Companies terrorist arm "The black bra" she was a bloodthirsty serial killer who killed both Supermodel and men showing them no mercy. She often said that if she had it her way she would kill all those that did not have the Supermodel DNA in them. Because of her countless atrocities against Mankind she was hunted down by the Supermodel Mafia. In the raid lead by "Blood Sisters" Amber Valetta and Shalom Harlow, Guinevere Von Seenus was killed while trying to make an escape.

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