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US Army  Supermodels

United States Army Classified Report Section 43 Ricardo Montalban 2232

Commander Montel Williams All of the following Supermodels are considered armed and extremely dangerous. If you come into contact with any of them immediately alert your local Army base or better yet give me a call. I have a hot tub waiting. Call now! The water is getting cold!!

1Subject Claudia Schiffer  Affiliation  Company (formerly U.S Army)

Conspiracy to destroy the United States, Double agent for hostile forces, high treason, cold blooded murder of fellow U.S army Supermodels, Conspiracy to clone Supermodels, Unlawful use of a Supermodel DNA matrix, Jaywalking, Conspiracy to date a very odd magician, Illegal sale and distribution of Lee Press on Nails.

Claudia Schiffer is current leader of the Company and former head of the United States Supermodel forces. Stole Supermodel DNA matrix from US army research lab. Current whereabouts unknown.

Alias: Blond Blitzkrieg, Claudia Braun, Mrs.Copperfield.

2 Subject Subrew Greenville  Affiliation Supermodel Liberation Organization

Conspiracy to Destroy a Civilian Aircraft of the United States; Conspiracy to Destroy a Vehicle Used in Foreign Commerce by Means of an Explosive; Destroying a Civil Aircraft; Destroying a Vehicle Used in Foreign Commerce by Means of an Explosive; Stealing Sacred Supermodel Texts from the Supermodians,Killing Nationals of the United States; Aiding and Abetting

Georgina Greenville, is leader of the Supermodel Liberation Organization which operates under cover of Supermodelism. Hair is sunny blond and she speaks Arabic, Subrew, and English.

Alias: Subrew Ayatollah Georgina, Subrew Al-Fhimah, Georgina Khalifa Fhimah, Mrs.Greenville, Mr. Green Jeans

3 Subject Amber Valetta Affiliation Supermodel Mafia

Former leader of the Supermodel Mafia she is being sought for unlawful flight to avoid prosecution and attempted murder. Amber Valetta is being sought in connection with the April 1997 attempted high jacking of a large shipment of U.S army hairconditioner wherein a .45 caliber semi-automatic handgun was used. Amber Valetta has been associated in the past with militant Supermodel groups such as the Supermodel Mafia

Alias: Arthur Valetta, Shekel Valetta, Nipsy Weinstein, Godmother.

4 Subject Laetitia Casta  Affiliation Company

Bank Robbery; Interstate Transportation of Stolen Property; Laetitia Casta is being sought in connection with the September 1996 armed robbery of approximately 45$ million dollars worth of Revlon mascara. She took two Revlon employees hostage at gunpoint then handcuffed,bound, and injected them with an unknown substance in order to further disable them.

Laetitia Casta is believed to be in possession of a .38-caliber Smith and Wesson revolver. Casta customarily travels with a group of Company members she calls "Casta Killers". Has noticeably green eyes.

Alias: Casta, Jose Shin, Rococo Casta, Killer Casta, Cas, John Tesh

5 Subject Manon Von Gerkan Affiliation  Company

Manon Von Gerkan is one of the ringleaders of a group of violent Supermodels with ties to the Company organized crime family. Guilty of armed bank robbery, armed robbery, attempted armed robbery, and arson charges. During an attempted robbery in June 1993, Gerkan and others ambushed several U.S army soldiers guarding a cache of eyeliner and lipstick. The guards were hit with rounds from automatic weapons and a shotgun, seriously injuring one and killing several.

Law enforcement personnel should consider Gerkan a flight risk. She is prone to violence and should be considered armed and extremely dangerous. Gerkan, also known by the nickname Gerkanny, has reportedly associated with gamblers

Alias: Manon Weintraub, Patrick Gerkanski, The Man, Manny

6 Subject Diane Heidkruger Affiliation Supermodel Mafia

Conspiracy to Destroy a Civilian Aircraft of the United States; Conspiracy to Destroy a Vehicle Used in Foreign Commerce by Means of an Explosive; . Illegal production and distribution of the wonderbra., Aiding and abetting known fugitives, Illegal use of Nuclear warheads,

Alias: Di, Mrs.Hyde, Mr.Krueger, Orlando Ortega, Sun Yun Tong.

7 Subject Carolyn Park Affiliation Supermodel Liberation Organization

Flight to Avoid Prosecution , Murder; Attempted Murder; Burglary;Robbery, Carolyn Park is being sought for the March 96 burglary, armed robbery, and"execution-style" murder of a Mongolian Supermodel at her home in south east Mongolia. Use and distribution of mind altering eyeliner and lipsticks.

Carolyn Park frequents stylists and manicurists, and associates with members of the Supermodel Liberation Organization.

Alias- Subrew Rabbi Park, Subrew Caro.

8 Subject Michelle Hicks Affiliation  Company

Michelle Hicks has been charged in a sealed indictment in the United States.She is believed to be one of the leaders of the Companies Drug operations , which is also known as the Catwalk Cartel. The catwalk cartel is a drug gang known for their large distributions of controlled substances and propensity for violence in enforcement of the operation.

Alias- The Hicks, Fernando Omega, Old Hickory

9 Subject Christy Turlington Affiliation  Company

Unlawful Flight to Avoid Prosecution; Murder (First Degree) Turlington is being sought for her alleged participation in a Mascara conspiracy involving a Revlon special agent who was killed on 11/22/96, during an undercover mascara transaction in Havana , Cuba.

Turlington tends to wear expensive slacks, cowboy boots, and gold chains. She may be living in Mexico or Malaysia or Afghanistan.

Alias: Renaldo Telaski, Rolanda Washington, Roscoe Batten

10 Subject Cristina Kruse Affiliation Supermodel Mafia

 Unlawful Flight to Avoid Confinement-Murder; Was convicted of murder and sentenced to twenty-five years to life. On June 30,1996 she escaped from Folsom State Prison by accessing the main storm drain and thereby reaching the American River where a raft was waiting. She is one of only three prisoners to ever escape from this prison.

Kruse is believed to be armed with handguns and a .9 millimeter rifle. It is known that Kruse has traveled extensively through Mexico and Central America and may have been in Hawaii in 1996.

Alias: Christie, Leon Dewiest, Bev Prescott, Kathy Lee Gifford

I surrender now return to the Supermodel outpost before I get angry