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Report: Rear Admiral Elton John U.S Army Supermodel Intelligence.

New evidence regarding new Supermodel based organization. Several pages of the S.L.O manifesto have been secured. The pages contain several mentions of the "Ultramodels" (possible Chrono-jumper connection suspected). Translated from Subrew (a long dead Supermodel language). I strongly feel the S.L.O warrants further investigation.

 Supermodel Liberation Organization "S.L.O''

The Supermodel Liberation Organization is a new highly militant terrorist/religious organization founded by extremist members of both the Supermodel Mafia and the Company. The believe in the "Mandate of Milan" an age old Supermodel Prophecy that states that the Supermodels will inherit the world after a bloody war. They are lead by former Supermodel commando Georgina Greenville currently known as " Subrew Ayatollah Georgina".

Supermodel Ayatollah Georgina Georgina apparently discovered a group of ancient Supermodel texts known as the "Dead Hair Scrolls" which describe a bloody war between the Supermodels and mankind which will signal the end of the world. They also describe an all powerful deity known as the "Ultra Model" who came from the heavens in the distant past and created the Supermodel. It is also prophesied that the Ultra Model will one day return and create a Supermodel nation called Supermodlestine .

Using these scrolls as a basis she has founded her own religion Supermodism based on the tenants of the True Supermodel. Here are some stolen by U.S army operative Shirley Mallman from S.L.O base in southern Syria.

Supermodel Holy Law #57: The Supermodel will believe in the one and only true God, Ultra Model and follow her teaching by practicing Supermodism.

Supermodel Holy Law #445:The Supermodel will walk together, bath together, and fight together for the creation of Supermodel Nation Supermodlestine.

Supermodel Holy Law #217:The Supermodel will learn to read and study the Holy text of Vogue, Cosmopolitan and Harper's Bazaar.

Supermodel Holy Law #19: The Supermodel should not eat pork unless she is hungry.

Supermodel Holy Law #164: The Supermodel will yield to the power of the all knowing, all seeing, Ultra Model who will one day return to earth and unite the scattered Supermodel tribes to create Supermodlestine.

Supermodel Holy Law #833: The Supermodel will go to a hairstylist every Sunday.

Supermodel Holy Law #734: The Supermodel will pray five times a day toward Paris and Milan unless they have to get their nails done, in that case they dont have to do it.

Yield to the Ultra Model but first return to the Supermodel Outpost